Falling Money 3D Wallpaper 4.0 APK


Falling Money 3D Wallpaper 4.0 APK

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    Jan 10, 2017

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Description of Falling Money 3D Wallpaper 4.0 APK APK

What did you think, when you hear the rustle of paper? Documents, financial statements, bookkeeping… Or, maybe, autumn leaves falling, with slowly swirling and sparkling of golden crispy leaves… Imagine a different view: these sheets have a price :) And fly straight to your desktop, covered with gold coins! Money? A lot of it!!! Nothing so charmed as a freedom to have them!
Install this live wallpaper in order to attract them more!
Do you want money? Take them, they are flying into your hands!

Does your friends know about which price has rustling your paper?

Share with your friends and buy the full version, which supports dollars, euros and rubles.

♦ Currencies:
– Dollars (USD)
– Rubles (RUB)
– Euros (EUR)
– Juan (CNY)
– Pounds (GBP)
– Yen (JPY)
– Hryvnias (UAH)
– Dirchams (AED)
– Rupees (INR)
– Swiss franks (CHF)
– Tenge (KZT)
– Canadian dollars (CAD)
– Australian dollars (AUD)
– Belarusian rubles (BYN)
– Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD)

♦ Backgrounds: gold coins, moonlight night, sunny day

♦ Few cameras

♦ Choosing speed and count of money

♦ Opportunity of choosing multiple currencies falling together

♦ Disappearing and deflating mode

♦ Deflating of laying currencies by shaking and gestures

Additional information:

♦ Wallpaper supports phones and tablets (landscape and portrait orientation)
♦ Battery saving:
– Consumption of resources only if wallpaper is visible
– Frames per second limit
– Choosing of textures quality
♦ OpenGL ES 2.0 required

Some of the described functions are only available when purchasing the full version. Application can be extended to the full version by the in-app purchases, or downloading the paid version. When you taking in-app purchases, you get lifetime access to the acquired functions, even if your phone changed or data is lost.
If you mistakenly purchased the full version on the phone, in which this wallpapers do not work, I will refund money for you. To carry out the refund, please send me your paid information from Google Play at: [email protected]

What's new?

Update 4.0:
♦ Added currencies - Turkish Liras (TRY), Swedish Kronas (SEK)

Update 3.5:
♦ Fixed bugs - choosing own background from gallery on some of devices
♦ Added new option - whirling speed
♦ Added currency - Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD)
♦ Updated belarusian rubles

Update 3.4:
♦ Fixed bugs, inc. transparent banknotes and choosing own background from gallery
♦ Interface improvements in settings window
♦ Speed range increased
♦ Money count default value increased to 100

Update 3.3.4:
♦ Fixed bugs

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